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Annual Subscription Plan

1 Year job updates and recommendation.


Terms of Service:

  1. Depending upon the job, the candidates have to pay their 50% decided monthly C.T.C. (Cost To Company) / salary as recruitment charges to "S. R. Prime Solutions" after selection & before joining.

  2. Recruitment charges are also applicable to candidates who accept the offer letter or confirm the joining date to the company and can't join the company on provided joining date.

  3. The offer letter remains the property of "S. R. Prime Solutions" until receiving the full payment. In such circumstances, the candidate shall be liable for all additional administrative and/or court costs.

  4. Any excuses and/or negotiations will not get considered at the time of payment of Recruitment Charges.

  5. Recruitment Charges is non-refundable if the candidate gets offered/joined in the company.

  6. The candidate should pay registration fees to “S.R. Prime Solutions” for getting registered & the plan will be valid from the registration date.

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