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Premier Staffing Solutions

Anyone who’s been looking for a job or searching for a new team member to join their company knows that the job market can be unbelievably overwhelming. That is where SR Primes comes in. Having mastered the art of staffing, we help our clients and candidates achieve their goals.

Hey Candidates

Looking for job openings, SR Primes makes your job search easy with targeted career placement and access to hundreds of exclusive openings. We provide a variety of professional tools to help you find your next position as quickly as possible. Whatever your interests and qualifications, our experts are here to assist you in finding the best position suited to you.

Hey Recruiters

Looking for a talented staff best suited to your company’s needs and requirements? We work closely with each client to understand their unique staffing needs and create customized recruiting plans for quick and efficient placements. Our applicants are hand-picked specifically for each company to make sure we create the perfect match between the two.


Discover Our Expertise

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Large Database & Openings

We have a vast talent pool of nearly about every skillset & calibre in our database, as well as high rewarding Vacancies of Trusted, Reputed, Devloped & Growing organisations across the country.

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Save Your Time & Efforts

Being a mediator between job seeker & company, our efficient team & high-end technology always discovers relevant matches for organisation & job seeker from our database which reduces your time & efforts in hiring.

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Asking for detailed information, Finding your requirement, & knowing your portfolio is the key factors of SR Primes to get your requirement parameters & find the proper Organisation for the Candidate & the proper Candidate for the Organisation.

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Prompt Hiring

According to the previous record, almost 90% - 95% of candidates get hired in 1 or 2 company interviews.
And 85% - 90% of vacancies are fulfilled in 4 to 6 days from the detail JD given.

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Get to Know Us

Mrunal Choudhari


I always try to find genuine, appropriate and satisfactory matches for the clients and candidates. Which started with my job search earlier, and turned into my passion now.

Mrunal Choudhari
Pranav Choudhari

Pranav Choudhari


I am engaged in finding the ways and methods of screening, technology to make the process simple and the new skills required to serve you better.

Research and devlopment has always been my core.


There is nothing as rewarding as knowing that you’ve done a good job. Our team of experts use their years of experience and knowledge to make sure they create lasting relationships between employees and employers. Read about some of our favourite success stories where we helped match between the two. We’ll be more than happy to do the same for you.

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Why Choose Us ?

  • We have openings & candidates from almost all sectors

  • Our database contains huge data of trusted clients & candidates.

  • A team of experienced & well-trained recruiters and managers to find the proper match for your requirement.

  • Almost 95% of our subscribed candidates got hired in the 1st or 2nd interview.

  • We have a track of arranging the interviews for vacancies within 4 to 5 days from the J.D. given.

  • We are using the best in class Technology for making the process smooth, notifying each and every candidate and extracting the quality matches for the positions.

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