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Store Assistant


15000 to 22000

Requirements & Skills

  • Job Title: Store Assistant
    Qualifications: Any Graduate
    Experience: 0 to 2 years
    Gender: Male
    Industry: Manufacturing (Sheet Metal)
    Job Type: Full-Time

Job Description:

We are a leading HR recruiting agency, currently seeking qualified candidates for the position of Store Assistant on behalf of a reputed small-scale industry engaged in sheet metal manufacturing. The organization, which values confidentiality, is looking for a dedicated individual to join their team at the Waluj location.


  1. Systematic Problem Solving:
    Analyze and resolve issues related to inventory management and store operations.

  2. Effective Communication:
    Communicate efficiently with team members, supervisors, and other departments to ensure smooth coordination.

  3. Manual Working:
    Perform hands-on tasks related to the handling and organization of materials within the store.

  4. Man & Management Skills:
    Demonstrate effective leadership and management skills to supervise and guide store personnel.

  5. Experience in Accurate Entries of Raw Material:
    Record and maintain accurate entries of raw materials in the inventory management system.

  6. Supervising Workers:
    Oversee and manage the work of store personnel, ensuring tasks are completed efficiently.

  7. Get Work Done from Team:
    Motivate and guide the team to achieve daily operational goals and objectives.


  • Any Graduate with 0 to 2 years of relevant experience in store management or related fields.

  • Strong systematic problem-solving skills.

  • Excellent communication skills.

  • Proficient in manual working and comfortable with hands-on tasks.

  • Demonstrated man and management skills.

  • Experience in accurately recording entries of raw materials.

  • Ability to supervise workers and ensure the completion of tasks.

About the Organisation

At A Reputed Sheet Metal Industry


Aurangabad, Maharashtra, India

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